What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hi Fans (i.e., Mom),

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to. As most of you know, in September 2008, I accepted a 5-month contract at Bio-Rad Laboratories to help the marketing communications team update their website content to prepare for a redesign and migration to a new system.

That 5-month contract ended up lasting nearly 10 years.

In March, I was laid off, along with many of my colleagues on my team. We don’t know why it happened, but such is the nature of business. I made a lot of really good friends over the years and I’m sad not to be able to see them each day. But life goes on.

While searching for new opportunities, I’ve taken the opportunity to keep up my web production chops with a few key projects:

RP Maintenance: I originally developed this site using flat html and css back in 2006. For the last few years, I’ve encouraged my client to think about converting his site to WordPress to 1) make it mobile-friendly, as like most of us, many of his clients are starting the access the web more via their smartphones, 2) give him or any of his colleagues the ability to make minor edits without needing to contact me.

The result went live last week. While the former design was nice and served him well, it required “pinching and pulling” to view on mobile. That’s no longer the case! Check it out at rpmaintenanceco.com

Colorful Living Magazine: Local writer, journalism teacher, and former local radio personality Charleen Earley will be starting a new magazine this fall, and Yours Truly getting it online.

The new quarterly publication will cover all the colors of life: ready to underscore diversity, ageism, homelessness and empowerment and confident enough to feature food and wines, fashion, travel and entertainment – on a local and national level.

In addition to web production, I will also be contributing the occasional article, and not just about geeky stuff.

For more information about the magazine, particularly if you’re interested in getting in on great advertising prices (print and online), colorfullivingmagazine.com

I’ve also been studying Scrum and Agile, working toward my Scrum certification. I’ve been acing Scrum open assessments. I just need to get the money and the nerve to take the certification.