About Me

I’ve been producing web sites for over 20 years, so essentially since I was 3. I’ve worked in web teams at some of the top companies in the Bay Area, including Maxis, Electronic Arts, Netscape, PeopleSoft, and Bio-Rad Laboratories, as well as producing web sites for a multitude of smaller companies’ sites.

Producing web sites is a blast. And I’ve worked just about every aspect of web production: design, content editing, front-end development, project management, and even as a client, so I have a unique 360-degree perspective. I still get a rush out of producing and launching web sites. But what most people often forget about is that web sites need continual maintenance and audits if you want them to continue to work for you. You also need to organize and back up your content and processes because Murphy’s Law will rear its ugly head when you least expect it.

What is “Managing From the Inside Out”?
Content, production, and process management that incorporate customer experience result in good digital experiences. Those that also incorporate internal user experience result in great digital experiences. Call it “employee engagement”, call it “internal user experience”, call it “Bob” for all I care. If your production and support teams are having a less than optimal user experience, it will ultimately reflect to your external customers and potential customers.